Medication Management

offered in Encino and Pasadena, CA
Medication Management

Medication Management services offered in Encino and Pasadena, CA

Medication can be tremendously helpful in treating bipolar disorder, depression, and other mental health conditions. Adelpha Psychiatric Group offers personalized medication management in-office and through the online telehealth platform to ensure you use the most effective medication. The medical team also provides outpatient Suboxone® therapy for substance use disorders and specializes in medication management for schizophrenia. Call the office in Encino or Pasadena, California, today to schedule a medication management appointment or request a consultation online.

Medication Management Q & A

What is medication management?

Medication management involves services to ensure that you’re taking the best medication for your condition that won’t interact with other medicines you’re taking.

The highly skilled team at Adelpha Psychiatric Group also has extensive clinical experience using psychiatric medications like Suboxone to address opioid dependency on an outpatient basis and clozapine to treat schizophrenia.

Medication management services can protect you from complications that develop when you’re taking several medications. These complications can include underdosing, overdosing, and conflicts when mixing medications.

Adelpha Psychiatric Group offers comprehensive medication management for adults and children in their offices and through their virtual telehealth platform.

Why would I need medication management?

You can benefit from the medication management available at Adelpha Psychiatric Group if you take medications as part of your treatments for psychiatric disorders like:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Substance use disorder
  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

The team also recommends medication management if you use medicines to control diabetes or other chronic diseases while taking psychiatric drugs.

Medication management helps women who need psychiatric medication during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. The medical team ensures that your drugs are safe for you and your baby.

What happens during my initial medication management appointment?

During your initial consultation for medication management, your Adelpha Psychiatric Group provider reviews your personal and family health histories. They also discuss your current physical and mental health conditions.

Bring information about all the medications you take regularly, including over-the-counter drugs and dietary supplements. Information should include the medicine’s name and the dosage you take so that your provider can identify potential conflicts between medications.

You can expect to schedule routine medication management visits with the team in the office and through the online telehealth platform. The team continues to evaluate your medical needs and will adjust your medications when necessary. If a medicine you take isn’t controlling your symptoms, they can prescribe a different one.

In-office visits are also available if you’re undergoing outpatient Suboxone therapy to treat substance use disorder.

Call the Adelpha Psychiatric Group office near you today to schedule a medication management appointment or request a consultation online.